What is bio-electric massage?

Bio-electric massage therapy is a combination of modern Western Reflexology and bio-electricity technology, based on an ancient Chinese Medicinal Principle. This combination emerged form the patented DDS Machine (certified) transmitting a low electric current through the body to help regulate the Meridian back to health, enhancing blood circulation, improving the immune system resulting in an overall feeling of better health.

Bio-electric massage can also assist with:

  • Activating Nerve & Muscle Tissue
  • Regulating the Digestive System
  • Enhancing the body’s anti-inflammatory defences
  • Relief of pain, tension and body fatigue
  • Purify and detoxify the body
Bonnie Ward - Spa Owner

Clearing the blockages of The Meridians
DDS Therapy controls the amount of electric current flowing in the body to stimulate gas from with the body, to rectify and clear the Meridian passage. Once your body’s Meridian is cleared, good blood circulation returns assisting with your body’s return to health.

Promote Blood Circulation
DDS Bio-electric energy is able to penetrate deep into your system, expanding blood vessels thereby enhancing blood circulation. This results in the reduction of blood viscosity and proves the micro-circulation, increases the capacity of the blood to store oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide.

Activate Cells
DDS Bio-electric energy reactivates cells increasing the body’s life force and energy, improving cell mucosal absorption power, balancing the body’s bio-energy strength, increasing good enzymes, dramatically enhancing metabolism and energy levels.

Activate Nerve and Muscle Tissue
After applying bio-electric energy to stimulate your nerves and muscles, the nervous system is revived and stimulated, strengthening muscles and removing tension.

Regulate the Digestive System
DDS Therapy helps to regulate the endocrine glands and systems, assisting organs to have improved function.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect
DDS Bio-electric energy can increase the number of white blood cells, while strengthening and enhancing the anti-inflammatory effect within the body.

Analgesic Effect
DDS Bio-electric energy assists in the relief of tension and pain caused by a poor nervous system.

Eliminate Fatigue
During the process of DDS Bio-electric energy penetrating the body, endorphins increase in the body, providing a feeling of immediate energy.

Purify and Detoxify the Body
As your blood circulation increases, so will your metabolism increase. This process rids the body of acidic and harmful substances and the blood becomes more alkaline. As a result, triglycerides and cholesterols are removed, cleansing the body.

Anti-aging Effects 
DDS Bio-electric energy helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. There are no needles, drugs, pain or unsightly cupping marks or redness after treatment. The use of herb-based creams and oils to help cleanse the body, improve blood circulation and adjust acid-alkaline balance naturally.

You cannot use Bio-electric Massage Therapy if you are experiencing or have:

  • Active hemorrhagic diseases such as Visceral haemorrhage, cerebral haemorrhage, open wounds, menstruation etc.
  • Acute inflammation, acute abdominal pain, advanced malignant tumors. ie. Pharyngitis, appendicitis etc.
  • Infection diseases incl. hepatitus, skin diseases, AIDS etc.
  • Serious mental illnesses, heart, liver kidney and other diseases.
  • Metal objects installed in your body incl. joint replacements, vascular clamp, insulin pump, bypass, stent, pacemaker etc.
  • Frail, elderly, infants and pregnant women
  • Electrotherapy hypersensitivity, high stress levels.

Ying Fu

Bio-electric Massage Practitioner & Certified Skin Care Technician

Ying studied Bio-electric massage in China before moving to Smithers, BC. She also studied and completed her Skin Care Technician course at MC College in Kelowna. She had a very successful spa in Smithers for two years prior to relocating to Salmon Arm. Ying is excited to bring her”happiness” treatments to new clients in the Shuswap region.

Bio-electric Massage Menu

  • DDS Neck and Shoulder, 60 mins $95
  • DDS Neck and Shoulder, 40 mins $75
  • DDS Back and Legs, 60 min $120
  • DDS Facial, 60 mins $120
  • DDS Head, 60 mins $120
  • DDS Head, 30 mins $70
  • DDS Breast Hyperplasia, 60 mins $120
  • DDS Breast Hyperplasia, 30 mins $70
  • DDS Stomach Conditioning, 60 mins $95
  • DDS Stomach Conditioning, 30 mins $60
  • DDS Rhinitis Pharyngitis, 60 mins $120
  • 1 Box of Hot Herbal Pack, 1 time treatment $20